• The SEC has requested to extend the deadline for remedies-related briefing in the Ripple lawsuit.
  • This extension leads to speculation about a potential settlement between Ripple and the SEC.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested a deadline extension for remedies-related briefing in the ongoing lawsuit against Ripple. This move has led to increased speculation regarding potential settlement negotiations between the two parties and has significant implications for the XRP community.

The SEC has formally requested an extension of certain dates in the lawsuit’s remedies phase before Judge Analisa Torres. The regulatory authority wants to prolong the date for its opening brief on remedies from March 13 to March 22, 2024. Furthermore, the SEC’s reply brief date would be extended from April 29 to May 6, and Ripple’s opposition brief due would be moved from April 12 to April 22. The SEC bases its request on the requirement for a comprehensive examination of discovery materials and briefing pertaining to remedies.

This request follows the approval of Ripple’s move to postpone the requirements for discovery relating to remedies, including post-complaint XRP institutional sales and comprehensive financial statements, by Magistrate Judge Netburn.

The SEC’s Jorge G. Tenreiro said that Ripple had agreed to the SEC’s proposal, emphasizing that this is the first instance that either party has requested an extension for the remedies-related briefing timetable. This collaboration raises the possibility of an underlying settlement plan by indicating a willingness to work through procedural complexities together.

Implications for the XRP Community

The XRP community and investors have been more speculative about the lawsuit’s potential results as a result of the SEC’s request for an extension. A postponement of the remedies phase may align with the SEC’s ultimate modifications to regulations regarding the protection of advisory client assets in April 2024, a crucial time for Ripple and the regulatory environment. Furthermore, by delaying the announcement, significant financial information on Ripple’s XRP sales would stay secret for longer, impacting sentiment in the global cryptocurrency market.

Despite the uncertainty, the XRP price has seen a significant uptick, rising over 5% in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.58, as reported by Crypto News Flash. The trading volume for XRP also saw a significant increase of 65.58%, registering at 2 billion. This price movement reflects growing interest and speculative trading among investors, buoyed by the potential implications of the lawsuit’s outcome.

The cryptocurrency world has been closely following the legal spat between Ripple and the SEC because it could establish precedents for the regulation of digital assets. Even if the request for an extension is only formal, it has sparked conversations about the likelihood of a settlement. Such an outcome may significantly impact the United States’ cryptocurrency regulatory structure.

Pro-XRP attorney Bill Morgan expressed his thoughts on the timing of the SEC’s request, pointing out that it coincides with the Wave Of Innovation XRP 2024 Gold Coast Conference, which will feature speeches by prominent members of the XRP community. This has prompted conjecture over the SEC’s move’s strategic timing and its effects on Ripple’s future strategy.




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