• The XRPL Apex 2024 will be held from June 11 at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Center in Amsterdam and will gather the XRPL community to chart the future of the network.
  • Previous iterations of the event have unveiled groundbreaking announcements, product launches, and partnerships, and this year’s event is set to be the biggest one yet.

Mark your calendars for June 11! This year’s XRPL Apex 2024 will be held in three months and will bring together thousands of XRP developers, industry leaders, innovators, investors, and enthusiasts to discuss the future of the network.

Hosted by Ripple, the event will be held on June 11-13 at the  Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre in Amsterdam.

This year’s event will include over 70 speakers who will be part of 40+ sessions, making it the biggest iteration of the event yet. Ripple promises that the speakers include blockchain experts, thought leaders, and trailblazers within blockchain and beyond. They will address issues pertinent to the decentralized world, from DeFi security and scalability to EVM integration and compatibility and everything in between.

Aside from the speakers, the attendees will get a chance to network with others who are just as passionate about the transformation that blockchain technology promises.

The event has attracted some major sponsors and partners, from Amazon’s AWS and the Blockchain Founders Fund to SBI Holdings and the UK Centre for Blockchain Technologies. Others include Australian payments giant Novatti, digital asset custodian Palisade, humanitarian NGO Mercy Corps, DLT securities trading and settlement provider Axiology and Dispersion Capital, whose portfolio includes

Why Attend XRPL Apex 2024

The XRP Ledger has been growing rapidly in recent times, with applications spanning DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, and more. Offering some of the lowest fees and high transaction throughput, XRPL stands out as an alternative to Ethereum.

The XRPL Apex 2024 will give attendees to be at the forefront of the XRP Ledger revolution. At the event, you can interact with some of the minds behind the ledger and those who are building some transformative applications on the network.

One of the speakers to look forward to is David Schwartz, one of the original architects of the XRP Ledger and the CTO at Ripple. In his presentation last year, he delved into the network’s stability and robustness, performance, scalability, and EVM compatibility.

This year, Schwartz will take to the stage once again, and he says the event will “collectively shape the future of finance through blockchain innovation.”

He stated:

I’ll be there to share the latest advancements of the XRPL, alongside insightful talks, workshops, and networking with this vibrant community. Hope to see you there!

Some of the leading projects building on the XRP Ledger have also announced their attendance, including Anodos Finance, whose AnodoSwap launched earlier this month.




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