• The Flare Network has commenced private beta testing for its FAssets project, allowing assets like XRP, BTC, and DOGE to be utilized in smart contracts.
  • Ripple has unlocked an additional 1 billion XRP from its escrow accounts in a routine procedure. Executed in three transactions, this move follows Ripple’s strategy of periodically releasing XRP.

The Flare Network has initiated private beta testing for its FAssets project, aiming to enable the utilization of assets like XRP, BTC, and DOGE with smart contracts. This initiative allows cryptocurrencies lacking native smart contract support to be utilized in conjunction with smart contracts.

The private beta testing, launched on the Coston testnet, incorporates key project elements and user scenarios. Users will have the ability to mint tokens as FAssets, facilitating smart contract functionalities such as decentralized application (dApp) usage and staking on the Flare network. Additionally, FAssets can be transferred between networks using the native bridge, enhancing connectivity with other smart contract blockchains.

The initial phase of the project involves deploying its code on the Coston test network for beta trials, marking the completion of this stage. Currently in progress, the second stage entails private beta testing conducted solely by Flare Labs, with the Flare team undertaking all necessary responsibilities.

Moving to the third stage, known as beta phase 2, the Flare team plans to extend the invitation to other affiliated entities, including builders on the Flare network or data providers for the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).

Future Stages and FAssets Minting Process

Subsequently, beta phase 3 will enable all parties to test user scenarios within a controlled environment, setting the stage for beta phase 4. This latter phase will open up testing to a broader audience, fostering an environment of competition to assess the project’s resilience and dependability.

During Beta Phase 5, private testers will share feedback and observations, unveiling potential areas for further updates. Anticipated to conclude in Q1 2024, the private beta will then undergo the implementation of updates before transitioning to the public beta phase.

To facilitate the minting of FAssets, the team has further designated distinct roles to various entities. These roles encompass the minter (user), the agent responsible for executing the minting and redemption of FAssets, the liquidator tasked with maintaining balanced collateral, and the challenger responsible for exposing unauthorized mints.

The process involves the minter engaging an agent, remitting a fee to secure collateral. Subsequently, the minter transfers the underlying asset (e.g., XRP) to the agent. Verification of this transfer is conducted by a State Connector, following which the agent proceeds to mint an FAsset corresponding to the underlying token.

Ripple Unlocks 1 Billion XRP

In a standard operational move, Ripple has released an additional 1 billion XRP from its escrow holdings. The prominent crypto whale tracking service, Whale Alert, detected and disclosed this event today.

Transaction Breakdown: As reported by Whale Alert, Ripple executed the unlocking of 1 billion XRP through three distinct transactions. In the initial transaction, Ripple released a substantial 500 million XRP, equivalent to approximately $301 million, from one of its escrow accounts.

Shortly thereafter, another 300 million XRP coins, valued at $180.6 million, were unlocked in a parallel transaction.

At press time, Ripple’s native crypto XRP is trading 1.6 percent up at a price of $0.61 with a market cap of $32.9 billion. Analysts are once again expecting the XRP price to reach its all-time high above $4.

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