Binance’s coin (BNB) went on an epic bull run in 2021 but, much like the best altcoins, BNB has plummeted during Bitcoin’s crash throughout 2022. It even broke key support to reach a low of $188 in June 2022 – losing 71% of its value.

BNB has recovered significantly, breaking through resistance in July 2022 at $270 and eventually pumping to $385 when news broke that Binance would acquire FTX, now a bankrupt exchange. 

After the rescue plan fell through, BNB tested support at $270 and then $255, which it holds strong at the moment, but two other crypto presale projects – Dash 2 Trade and RobotEra – could well outperform it in the coming months.

BNB Price Prediction

If BNB holds its current support and makes a higher high, its next resistance will be at $430, while breaking its current support would mean that BNB would dip to $200. 

Binance is working on improving the BNB blockchain to offer investors faster transaction times and reduced fees on its exchange. Its native token, BNB, will be the vehicle driving those developments and will directly benefit as investor demand increases its value.

With the developments enacted, BNB could rise to $500 by the end of 2023.

A key reason that many institutional investors haven’t entered the crypto market is because the industry lacks regulation, the consequence being the cause of many crypto projects – such as Celsius and Voyager – to fail.

However, Binance is leading the pack by demanding more regulations from global leaders, with CEO Changpeng Zhao stating that consumers need to be protected in this new industry, referring to cryptocurrencies. 

Since many investors have been burnt because of nefarious crypto projects, they’re likely to get behind Zhao’s calling.

That will reflect positively on Binance and its native coin and we’ve seen numerous coins surge purely on speculation. Once BNB becomes the talk of the town again, its price is likely to provide investors with several thousand percent returns like it has before.

If BNB doesn’t provide those returns, investors have two alternative options: D2T and TARO.

Dash 2 Trade – New Crypto Trading Intelligence Platform

D2T is the native token of Dash 2 Trade, an innovative signals and on-chain analytics platform that aims to help users maximize profits.

Investors who want to avoid a catastrophe like the FTX collapse will benefit from Dash 2 Trade’s alerts of wary cryptocurrencies, while it also identifies projects that may provide market-beating returns.

Investors wanting to get in at the bottom can buy D2T tokens now, while they’re on presale. Dash 2 Trade has raised almost $6.5 million in less than a month and stage 3 of the presale sees the token on sale at $0.0513. 

This appreciating asset increases in value as it enters the different stages of the presale and may explode during its ICO with centralized exchanges LBank and BitMart already confirming D2T listings when the presale is sold out.

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How Does Dash 2 Trade Work?

Dash 2 Trade utilizes a variety of tools, analytics and insights to help traders and investors make more well-informed decisions.

The platform sends alerts to traders to inform them about crypto presales, examining new projects according to their utility, tokenomics and audits to assist investors in determining legitimacy. 

The platform scores each project out of 100 to provide guidance about its credibility, while investors will also receive alerts about coins being added to new exchanges.

Many cryptocurrencies pump based purely on speculation and to helps traders get in early on such action, Dash 2 Trade sends social indicators – investors discussing cryptos on social media sites can have a tremendous impact on prices.

The social insights this platform provides are metrics about coins that are buzzing on Twitter and Reddit, helping investors determine sentiment. Investors receive further sentiment confirmation with the on-chain analytics feature, as well as the tracking of whale wallets. 

These are statistics for coin and wallet activities, enabling investors to monitor the movement of smart money. The platform also flags unusual asset movement and alerts investors, enabling them to act accordingly.

Dash 2 Trade has made trading social by hosting trading competitions and weekly price prediction challenges, with winning predictions are rewarded. It also hosts AMAs, enabling traders to swap strategies, and the platform tracks strategies and shares the top-performers with the community on a members-only Discord group.

Access to the platform is granted via three tiers, accessed through a monthly subscription: 

  • Free: There is no fee but users will only get limited access to the Dash 2 Trade platform.
  • Starter: Access remains somewhat limited but contains features such as on-chain analytics, basic insights, and entry into a members-only Discord channel. It costs 400 D2T tokens monthly.
  • Premium: Provides full access to features such as the trading competition, whale wallet movements, and advanced market insight. This service is 1,000 D2T tokens monthly.

At the core of this platform is signals, with investors receiving buying and selling opportunities if they lack the time or skill to do their own technical analysis.

Dash 2 Trade has also incorporated the psychological aspect of trading into its platform by offering a risk profiler, which helps traders make better-informed decisions by knowing their trading style.

The platform assesses the trader’s performance and detects key habits that help or harm each trader – the risk profiler helps traders realize the strategy best suited to their personality.

Investors will also benefit from automated trading, with this feature enabling users to set up automated trading strategies based on metrics linked to the broker’s API.

Another feature of Dash 2 Trade is providing investors with advanced indicators to incorporate into their strategies and a backtesting tool, which enables traders to test strategies in an environment that emulates real market conditions and determine the most profitable strategies before going live.

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Dash 2 Trade Presale Info

The presale is currently in stage 3 of 9, with tokens on sale for $0.0513 – by the end of the presale tokens will have increase to $0.0662, a 29% increase from the current price.

A total of 700 million tokens (70% of the max supply) are on sale during the presale, with a hard cap of $40 million and no vesting period.

This presale became even more attractive with the $150,000 token giveaway, with investors needing to own $150 worth of D2T tokens on the day of the draw to be eligible for entry.

It’s possible to multiply entries by completing social media tasks. As an example, participants who retweet the brand on Twitter will receive 5 additional entries, while tweeting about Dash 2 Trade also earns another 5 entries.

The D2T token is one of the best crypto under $1 considering all the benefits it provides.

Buying this token during listings may be too late, and investors should get in on this presale now to get the best prices.

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RobotEra – Play to Earn Game Rivaling The Sandbox

RobotEra is another newly launched crypto presale project that enables players to earn TARO tokens by completing various tasks. 

Players use the native token to buy robot NFT avatars and reconstruct Taro planet after a cataclysmic event destroyed it. 

The good news for players is that TARO tokens are possibly at the lowest price they’ll ever be – RobotEra has invited investors to early-round fundraising by offering the token at $0.02 during the first stage of the presale. 

By the time the presale ends, investors will own an asset that has appreciated up to 60%.

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What is RobotEra?

After Taro’s destruction, robots formed a new contract agreement, preventing them from destroying each other and the game requires players to buy metaverse plots of land and rebuild the planet by adding infrastructure and activities. 

RobotEra enables players to use custom in-game tools to build robot companions and infrastructure on the plots of land, as well as monetize them in a variety of ways.

The game’s multi-reward system has made it one of The Sandbox’s biggest competitors, with players to earn tokens for cultivating sacred trees, mining and acquiring resources and staking coins

The only thing investors need to do to earn a passive income is to lock their coins away – staking is a vital activity for rebuilding the planet and will also grant stakers voting rights for the future of the project in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

RobotEra’s multiverse ecosystem also enables players to connect to different worlds where they can participate in concerts, operate independent continents and host events. Players can also submit original works for display in museums, with all of these activities rewarded with TARO  tokens. 

Building a new metaverse platform with other NFT communities is also available and players can monetize their land by inviting players to events or concerts and charging admission, or selling billboard space to advertisers. 

Popular retailers such as Adidas and Samsung have already acquired other metaverse land to showcase their products to blockchain gamers and by adding assets and infrastructure, players increase the value of their land and can sell it for a profit.

RobotEra players can also upgrade and customize their robot companions and sell them on the open market as NFTs.

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RobotEra Presale Info

As mentioned above, the presale has only just launched but has already secured more than $100,000 of investment. 

RobotEra, which is an LBank Labs project and features a doxxed and KYC-verifed team, will make just 15% of the 1.8 billion token supply available in the presale – that’s 270 million tokens that early investors can fill up their bags with. 

It might sound like a lot of coins, but the game’s appeal of rewarding players for various activities is bound to attract many people to the platform.

Even fewer coins will be available after the presale ends, with only 3% of the capped supply will be made allocated to liquidity for exchanges and a large amount of tokens reserved for the treasury/DAO (33%) and the P2E rewards pool (25%). P2E tokens usually do very well when listed because of their intrinsic reward feature.

RobotEra has made $TARO available on presale for only three stages, and the last stage values the coin at $0.032. 

The best time to buy $TARO tokens is now while they’re still available for $0.02. 

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