• The SHIB community is highly excited about SHIB eternity download day following a recent price rally.
  • The SHIB team has rescheduled the Shiba Eternity download day from October 1 to October 6.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) community has enormous expectations for the download day for Shiba Inu’s game (Shiba Eternity). Recently, the game’s token experienced a temporary rally before suffering a price correction. Eternity’s rally came at a time when other cryptocurrencies experienced losses.

Shiba Inu’s card game allows users to switch between waging epic card wars and perfecting their deck-building skills. Currently, the game’s developers organize an ongoing trailer contest. Contestants are to shoot a 30-second video preview of the app. According to the organizers, the contest’s winner will receive $5,000 worth of SHIB tokens.

Meanwhile, recent data from crypto analytics firm, Whalestats, states that Ethereum Whales are still accumulating more SHIB tokens as it remains their favorite token to purchase. Transaction volume on SHIB tokens rose to about $23.50 million on September 28. If the Shiba Eternity’s download day’s expectations are achieved, SHIB’s price could increase further.

A change to Shiba Eternity download day

SHIB’s price experienced a short rally following the launch of the Shiba Eternity game in Australia recently. Thus, it is likely that the memecoin’s value will rise further when the blockchain-based card game becomes available to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the SHIB team has changed the release date of the much-anticipated Shiba Eternity game. Per the announcement, the launch date would no longer be October 1, 2022, but October 6, 2022.

However, the ecosystem’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, stated that he would release the game’s lore and plans on October 1, 2022. The SHIB team had indicated in a September 23 Twitter space event that Shiba Eternity’s download day would be October 1. Despite the change in ‘download day,’ the community would still hope to push Shiba Eternity to the top ranking of all apps on the app stores, bringing huge exposure to the card game.

The change in release date hasn’t affected SHIB’s price. The token is up 1.87 percent in the last 24 hours and trades at $0.00001117. Also, the SHIB team hasn’t changed its earlier statement that it will burn 5 percent of the game’s profits.

Analysts suggest that SHIB’s price can only reach $0.01 after 99.99 percent of its current circulating supply has been sent to a dead wallet. On average, about 150 million SHIB tokens are withdrawn daily from circulation. If this rate remains the same, it will take nearly 10,000 years before 99.99 percent of its circulating supply is no longer in circulation.



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