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1.What Is a Copy Strategy?

Copy strategy is when a user views the profit performance of strategies created by other users on the leaderboard. If they feel that a certain strategy has a better chance of returns, they can copy the parameters of the strategy to create their own strategy.

2. How Does a Copy Strategy Pay Dividends?

If the copied strategy is profitable at the time of termination, 5% of the profit will be distributed to the original creator

3.Operating Instructions

3.1 Enter the Leaderboard

In the navigation bar of the main station, click “Quantitative”, and select quantized leaderboard, as shown in the figure below:

3.2 Choosing a Ranking Strategy

After entering strategy ranking, you can view the strategy ranking information in the current as well as in the previous strategies. As shown below:

3.3 View Policy Details

If you want to view the specific revenue details of the strategy on the leaderboard, you can click “Detail” to view the specific revenue information of the strategy, historic return curve, transaction records, etc. As shown below:

3.4 Copy Strategy

To copy a strategy, you can click “copy” in the leaderboard strategy or click “copy strategy” in the strategy details.

After that, enter the creation page, input the investment funds and other conditions, and now you can directly create a strategy.

For CTA trend strategies, there is no need to set indicator parameter information, you need only to copy the parameter information of the original creator, and input the investment capital to create the strategy. As shown below:

For grid strategy, there is no need to input parameter information such as the highest price, the lowest price, and the number of grids. The parameter information of the original creator can be directly copied. Copy the spot commodity grid as shown below:

3.5 View the Copy Strategy

The copied strategy is no different from the grid and CTA strategies. They can all be all viewed in “my strategy”. These strategies can be viewed by: : clicking “quantitative”—”my strategy” to view, as shown in the figure below:

The copied strategy will display the “Copy” message in the strategy list , as shown in the figure below:

3.6 Strategy Parameters Information
Strategy copiers do not have access to some of the important parameters that strategy creators may have used. Some of these parameters include the highest and lowest price of the grid, information on CTA indicators, etc.However, they do have access to other important information

3.7 Policy Termination
A newly copied strategy is not linked to the termination of the original strategy. If the original creator terminates a strategy, this will not automatically remove a newly copied strategy. The strategy copier will decide when to end their strategy.


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